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Parliment Building Products is a family owned?building materials and supply company started in September, 2002 by Chuck Parliment and Jim Bleech.

Chuck has had over 35 years in the Building Materials Industry and Jim has spent over 35 years in Entrepreneurial Enterprises.

The wholesale building supplies company began with a handful of employees and has grown today to over 30 employees and occupy over 100,000 square feet of office and warehouse space.

The warehouse is abundantly filled with various branded building and construction products which are presently distributed to our customers by the company's fleet of 9 trucks.

The building products are sold as far south in Florida as Ft. Pierce and Tampa and as far west as Pensacola. In addition, construction products are sold up the Atlantic seaboard to Charleston and across the central and southern parts of Georgia and Alabama.

If you are looking for quality suppliers of building materials, look no further than Parliment Building Products.

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Our Branded Products

USGArmor CaskPeelHomasoteHooverDensdeckAmicoVestalClark DietrichFastenmasterClayForm A KeyRed BrandOSIExterior Fire-XMazeWireSemcoAdvancedRed RipperVekadeckMFMLoctiteShakertownHomeGuardProsocoRebar Stakes CoFortifiberGerdauMitekPolyglassPowers SteelSakreteSmart VentTower SealantsStegoWascoYork FlashingMaycoDens GlassDens Shield
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